. geography 

 India, Netherlands, Singapore, Georgia, Middle East and more

. business expertise 

Our team of experts consists of veterans in the field of business mentoring, serial entrepreneurs, world-renowned technical experts, finance specialist and legal consultants in the fields of : Infrastucture: Roads, city grids, rivers and waterways  
Agriculture: smart farming, optimised crops, organic solutions   
Waste management:  recycling, power from waste, cutting edge technologies  

. clients 

We work with and for: 

Governments - trade missions, industry support bodies 
Companies - typically mid-sized companies, small startups and nascent stage companies who need to enter new markets, scale their businesses and also tap into valuable business networks for initial contracts. 
Business and commercial associations 

International R&D and develpment orginisationsuniversities 

. Business approach and strategy

Access to business network for getting contracts, increasing visibility in industry, cross pollination of businesses/ideas with other companies

Interfacing and direct contact with relevant government representatives and policy makers

Legal services and compliance services at highly discounted fees

Showcasing to potential investors for funding of business via equity/debt

Entry into new markets including setting up of joint ventures/local partners, paid pilot projects

. fees 

Our services are designed on a win-win commercial model. We take a deliberately small fee to give access to our services and advisory.

The rest of our compensation comes from participating in our client’s rapid growth via equity / success based fees.

Write to info at mmth . eu